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Many car owners enjoy their car’s body lines, making sure that its paint is shiny with the perfect polish. Unfortunately, there comes a day when one can notice a scratch here or there, some of which are deep passing the clear coat into the premier, and those scratches will cost you a lot to get fixed in your near car body repair. Luckily, we got you covered with those easy-to-buy items. Although they might be temporary solutions, they will help you avoid pricey repairs and a scratchy looking car.

1. Scratch removers

The best thing about technology is that it helps every industry to serve their clients’ needs better. They’re all aiming to create the best car scratch remover product that each car owner prefers. However, all products in the market are only intended for gentle or medium scratches, where the premier paint is still untouched. Unlike other scratch removing techniques, the scratch remover you will prefer may last for a week or two.

2. Toothpaste

It is an unexpected method, but many people swear that this hack really works. After experimenting, it was found out that its abrasive substances will act as gentle sandpaper, and that will help in smoothing out mild scratches. Although, if you apply it on deep scratches, they will only look less visible, its silicon ingredient will fill in the deep scratches, while it’s whitening ingredients will polish the paint.

3. Nail polish

Why stick to only car polishes, when you can try Nail-polish? They come in all different colors, which makes it easier to pick one that suits your car perfectly. Watch out though, a nail polish’s shade gets a bit different after drying, so experiment first on a tiny spot on your car. This hack will work wonders, but remember that nail polish will vanish in a couple of days from washing and climate change.

4. Multi-purpose Lubricant

It has more usage than just squint hinges and sliding doors, Multi-purpose lubricants will hide your car scratches in seconds. This is how you can use it: spray a good amount on the scratched surface, and with a super clean microfiber towel, wipe the lubricant firmly on the scratch, and watch your scratch fading away, don’t forget to dry it out.

5. Magic eraser

Those micro-scrubbing technology pads are used on walls, kitchens, and various surfaces, it is a must-try for your car. Get your micro-scrubbing pad and a bit of water and see the magic happening to your car’s polish and scratches. It will get rid of any dirt, scratches caused by over-layer paint of another object, and cuff marks on doors and body. After using it on the car’s body, why not give it a try to sparkle those rims.

All previous hacks are to help you hide your car scratches only for a couple of days, until you fix it at your local car-body workshop. No product or hack can illuminate the old-fashioned method of repainting your scratched surface. Cleaning, sanding, spraying, polishing and waxing processes -that will take a couple of days- will get your car back looking fabulous and glowing car.

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