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express your personal style, but they also provide invaluable convenience with anything you do in your car. It’s all about preference as some would prefer to be a minimalist with their car accessories while others are not shy about going over-the-top with their upgrades. Whatever your predilection, there are some accessories that are just good to have and they won’t cramp your style.

Here are some of the accessory upgrades that you’d want to have:

1. Audio Upgrades

Most modern cars already have a good stock audio system installed, but they always leave things for the owner to improve. If you’re a car audio enthusiast, you can always find things you can fine-tune or upgrade to make a better quality sound than what the makers made. Caraudiologic can help you make the choice on what system would fit your “cup of tea” setup. Their reviews on each part can help you select the best components for your configuration.

Selecting the right components, for your car audio system is basically dependent on your knowledge of this subject, and your preference. It is important to have the best-suited amplifier because it drives power to your aftermarket speakers which also needs to match for maximum power transfer. If you love the power of your audio, you can use the 5-channel amplifier that has a dedicated channel to each of your speakers at different frequency levels including the sub-woofer so you wouldn’t have to bridge the connection. You can also upgrade your stock speakers with aftermarket speakers that are more durable and can take more beating from your amplifier.

2. Holders

Today it’s easy to download and use navigation apps on your smartphones, this makes us more dependent on our devices when we drive. It is now common to see holders in cars these days to make it more convenient for us to have a handle on the phone while we drive. These holders can be attached to your car’s air vents and it can hold your phone using strong magnets. It can also swivel in almost every direction so you can adjust the view when you change your seating position. It is important to note that these shouldn’t encourage you to text or dial when driving. Your hands should be on the wheel.

3. Bluetooth Key Finder

We all have that moment when we have no idea, nor can we recall where we put our car keys. The Bluetooth key finder can help you in those times when we completely lose track of our essential things like our keys.

4. Dash-mounted camera with GPS

This is just not another device that’ll look good on your car, it’s also an important tool that will save you a lot of headaches when the need arises. The recorded video is extremely important when it comes to documenting accidents or other events. This is useful for both legal, and insurance purposes.

They sometimes come with GPS, although some cars already have their own GPS installed for those who don’t have one, then it would be a nice addition to your accessories. They are great to have especially if you travel to different places where you’re not familiar with the area.

5. Multi-port charger

This device is very useful if you’re often on the road with your gadgets or if you don’t have time to stay at one place to get your devices’ battery charged up. Here are some tips to select the better USB charger in the market:

Multi-port – Choose the charger that has 2 or more USB ports. This is useful when you have devices you want to charge and other accessories that require power from your car.
Ampere Rating – Select those that have an output of at least 2.1 Amp. per port. If you see a 3-port device with a 3.8 rating, then it means you’ll be getting less than the recommended 2.1 ratings per port. This may work on some devices, but the new ones would often require 2 or more ampere rating.

6. Seats

Modern cars have good seats that support the back and allows you to move around in the car. If you drive an older model, perhaps it would be nice if you can invest in a good car seat. You can go with flair with sports seats. These seats, the commercial ones, have side supports together with good back support. This will make you settle firmly in your seat, but you can still adjust yourself if you want to.

Child car seats. If you have children, below 12 years old, it’s recommended, required even, to have car seats for them. Car seats can reduce the risk of children by 70% of injuries and hospitalization. You can use a convertible seat if so you won’t have to buy a separate rear-facing car seat for infants. Avoid second-hand car seats if you’re not sure how they were handled and use quality brands so you’ll be sure that it can protect the child in it.

7. Backseat Organizer

If you’re one of those people who his or her the car as an extension to their office or bedroom then you’ll definitely need something to organize your things. You can place a backseat hanger to avoid creases on your clothes. It’ll also look nice and more accessible to have things in their proper place.

8. Reverse Cameras

These cameras are installed on the rear part of your car and their display is connected to your screen on the dashboard. They are important because they can help you see the objects behind you thus giving you better control when backing up. Combining this camera with proximity sensors installed at strategic locations on the rear will help you park easily in tight spaces.

Accessories are not only for show, they also serve an important purpose to make a better driving experience. You just have to make sure that everything you’d install in your car shall be used at the right time and place so as not to be a cause of distraction when you’re driving. Safety should always be the first priority. You can pick some or all of the things from the list above and hit the road in style.

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