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Owning a car is both a privilege and a great responsibility. It is a privilege because not everyone has the ability to purchase a car, whether used or brand new. It is a great responsibility because you need to be able to maintain its upkeep and ensure its good running condition. A car that is not well-maintained is a risk to road safety. Thus, for scheduled maintenance and immediate repairs, here are some essential tools that every car owner must have.

Screwdriver Set

Most vehicles are made with a number of varying bolts and nuts. To loosen or tighten these in your vehicle, you will need a screwdriver set in a number of shapes and sizes. A standard set will already include the several extensions that will make your life easier, in terms of loosening or tightening these screws.

Tire Pressure Gauge

The right pressure of the tires of your vehicle will greatly affect your safety while on the road. Thus, it is important to constantly monitor the pressure of your tires. While there are cars with built-in tire pressure monitors, there are already manual and digital tire pressure gauges sold separately. There are even those that can be connected to your smartphone, making it easy for you to monitor your car’s tire pressure.

Jack and Jack Stands

There may be instances wherein you will need to replace a flat tire while you are on the road. Thus, a jack and jack stand will be your best friend in doing so. These will help you raise your vehicle higher above the ground, enough for you to be able to change a tire. Apart from changing tires, a jack and its stand can also help you easily maneuver under the chassis of your vehicle.

Ball Joint Press Kit

Your vehicle’s worn out ball joint will have a negative impact in your steering and suspension. You can fix your car’s ball joint with the proper tools, but the best ball joint press kits come with a C-frame press, receiver tubes, and adapters. Some even come with 4WD adapters, which are great for trucks or bigger vehicles. Since ball joints are very tightly glued together, you need a durable clamp to apply extreme pressure and pull them apart.

Life Hammer

The main purpose of a life hammer is to smash on your car’s windows when a fire breaks out during an accident, or when your car falls under water. It is also a tool that can cut the safety belt that can save your life. Most life hammers are designed with a shiny pin that makes it visible even in extremely dark situations.

Having the capability to drive your own car is fulfilling. However, owning a car also entails a great responsibility. It is important that your car is well maintained to minimize its risk to road safety. With ample knowledge on basic car repair and maintenance, coupled with the proper tools, you will be able to guarantee that your car is in good running condition most of the time.

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