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So you got yourself a nice pick-up truck and you want to head out and show the world this amazing piece of art. Depending on your work and where you live, your truck can be very useful for hauling things back and forth and loading different types of cargo. But later, you might realize that it could use some handy accessories that can benefit you in so many ways, so let’s take a look at some of the must-have accessories every Chevrolet truck should have.

The Perfect Tonneau Cover

This is a very important accessory to add to your truck; it’s very useful because it offers protection and stability. It comes with many different variations, and this website can explain in detail how each one has its own pros and cons; having a better overview of the different covers available can make your decision easier. It basically depends on your needs, weather conditions, and your budget; you can buy multiple ones if you are capable of doing so because they are fairly easy to install and disassemble.
The ones available to you are the soft and hard rolling covers, the hard one-piece cover, the electric hardcover, the tri-fold cover, and the seal and peel cover. Each one has its strong points and levels of protection, but you need to keep in mind that ease of access and fast assembly might mean less protection. So make sure you pick the right one that suits your needs and budget.

Under-Rail and Bed Lighting

This can come in handy when you’re traveling at night or checking the cargo at the back when it’s dark; it can make a huge difference in being able to see what you’re loading and unloading. You won’t have to use flashlights or hold them in your mouth to have some light; you can easily use both hands and focus on handling your cargo with ease. You can have these lights installed on your covers or in the under-rail part of your truck; it purely depends on how much lighting you would really need, and your budget.

A Bed Extender

This is very helpful for two things: cargo management and extending the bed space for more cargo. It’s installed with a safety mechanism to help you switch it back and forth when you flip it over. It provides more space so you can move large items in the bed of your truck and still have them contained by the sturdy and durable heavy-rail system. Also, it helps you keep whichever items or cargo you need intact, without moving too much or sliding away to the inner part of the bed, so you can keep everything you need in close range.

All-Weather Floor Mats

Most trucks come with their own floor mats, but those don’t offer the utmost support or protection. Also, the all-weather floor mats are specifically engineered to hold and protect the actual floor when things get messy, dusty, or wet. They are laser-cut and designed to ensure complete protection, and you can use them around the entire floor of your vehicle. They can hold a considerable amount of water, so if you spill something, it will not soak through. This is an amazing accessory that can keep the inner part of your vehicle clean and much more appealing.

Mud Flaps and Splash Guards

When you’re thinking of protecting your tires and paint job, these items should be very high on your list. They can help by shielding off any flying debris, mud and water splashes, and that translates into rust and corrosion prevention. They also keep your vehicle clean all year round, so you won’t have to worry about washing the sides of your truck too often. You can install them at the front and the rear ends of your vehicle—just be sure to check the model type because each model is designed specifically to match your truck.

Deflector Moldings and Tailgate Liners

These can be installed on the hood, sides, and rear of your truck; they offer better protection and a more appealing decorative look. They can help absorb most of the impacts or scratches that your Chevy might sustain during your travels, and it shields the paint job from wear and tear. Another accessory that will protect your vehicle is the liner for friction and scratches; it’s best installed on your tailgate as that’s the part that will get the most punishment because of the constant hauling of cargo back and forth.

Chrome Mirror and Door Handle Covers

These are other additions that can be both protective and decorative. You can add your own touch of flair to the vehicle as the chrome covers could come in different variations and colors. On top of that, they offer better stability and impact absorption that might scratch or permanently damage your door handles and side mirrors.


These are very useful, especially if the vehicle is too large for you. They can be installed on the sides to give you better balance and stability when you enter or leave your truck. There are also models for the rear sides of your truck to help you reach into the bed of the vehicle and pick things up from the sides. You can install additional ones in the middle to give you access to the inner part of the bed. Depending on your budget, you can install the electric kind that opens and closes by itself; it opens automatically when you open your door and closes after a two-second delay if the door is closed. It’s definitely very handy, and can spare you a lot of trouble.

Owning a truck is a remarkable thing; the feeling when you drive one of these babies is just so awesome, it somehow makes you feel larger than life. There’s a certain character and style when it comes to Chevrolet trucks, so you have to make that experience even better with all the necessary accessories you can afford. It makes a difference in multiple ways and it’s well worth the money spent on them.

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