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For the past three decades, car crashes have slowly continued to decline. The number of fatalities in this past decade has plummeted from the previously reported 40-50 thousand fatalities annually, setting a record for the past some 50 years. In fact, the reduction happened in spite of the U.S. population almost doubling, with a lot of that credit going to car manufacturers. They continue to supply drivers with safety features that could deter certain injuries, which had previously been impossible. However, the risks are not eliminated and there are cars that are still known to be accident-prone cars. You might hesitate to get into one and could look for less dangerous vehicles. That said, here are the cars that are most likely to get into a car crash:

1. Subaru Crosstrek

Subaru, the Japanese automaker, is known for making popular SUVs, like the Outback. The Subaru Crosstrek is shown to have stronger sales than its predecessor, Subaru Outback Sport, in the United States. However, other research suggests that the Crosstrek is also America’s most crashed of 2019. The Crosstrek’s GT version boasts 152-176 horsepower, with the base transmission, giving a 6-speed manual transmission. The reason behind its ‘accident-prone’ characteristic is likely popularity, seeing as the car is highly sought-after.

2. Toyota Prius

Before the Crosstrek, there was the Prius. A research conducted in the UK shows that in 2016, 111 accidents had occurred per 10,000 models registered. The Hybrid version was no exception, with 787 collisions. Widespread belief accuses Prius drivers of ‘not enjoying cars or driving’ and that the ‘car is just an appliance.’ In January 2017, the Prius family global sales had totaled 6.115 million. Even though it is a safe car, the prevalence of Prius cars on the streets has led to its many collisions.

3. Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport has a base model starting price of $24,950 with 23.92% of the models claimed to be in prior accidents, gaining it a spot on this list. The Santa Fe Sport is an SUV, which naturally means it does not have excellent fuel efficiency since its MPG is considered to be very low. With almost a quarter of Santa Fe Sport drivers having been in car accidents, it is likely that an owner of this model might want to be prepared with a car accident lawyer. The legal advisors over at urge caution against the difficulties of having to deal with the financial stress of medical expenses and missed paychecks. For this reason, being prepared with a car accident lawyer will take the burden off you, especially if you already have an accident-prone vehicle.

4. Honda HR-V

Despite the Honda HR-V being an SUV, it has been described by Honda as a “subcompact sedan”, which boasts an affordable starting price of $20,620. The car is known to be fuel-efficient, with a city MPG of 28. Research suggests that 25.7% of HR-Vs have been in car accidents, which is estimated to be thousands of vehicles.

5. Infiniti Q50

Nissan’s luxury division, Infiniti, has been producing Q50s since 2013, which is when they decided to have it replace G50 sedans. They are 4-door sedans, classified as compact executive cars (D), which boast a forward emergency braking system and a turbocharged engine. The breaking was designed to limit accidents, with the reason remain undetermined. They start at $35,650 and have sold 180,000 units following their birth.

6. Mazda3

The Mazda3, known as the Mazda Axela, is the Japanese automaker’s fastest-selling model with a $21,000 starting price. The model was introduced in 2003 and has sold over 6 million units since then. It has a 4-door and 5-door variant, which are both efficient, holding MPG figures that are above the average. Reportedly, 24.65% of Mazda3 models have been in previous accidents.

7. Acura ILX

Honda’s luxury brand released the Acura ILX in 2012. The model has a starting price of $25,900 and is based on Honda’s popular Honda Civic, but does not share its accident-resistant trait. 24.18% of Acura ILX models are said to have been in accidents, making this luxury car dangerous.

All in all, you do not need to stay away from accident-prone cars, seeing as most accidents are not the car’s fault, but the driver’s. Instead of steering away from these cars, mind the traffic law and steer with caution. However, seeing as there is statistical backing, it is maybe best to not drive too close to any of these cars while on the road. Remember, if you do get into a car accident, have a lawyer carrying the load for you.

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